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Tárcio Meireles
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Tárcio Meireles is a Geographer and Programmer, graduated respectively by University of São Paulo and São Paulo Federal Center of Technological Education.

Main lines of work and knowledge:

  • Geoprocessing
  • Software support for Geographic Research
  • Free software in education
  • Collaborative knowledge


Some Works and Softwares

  • WikiPress Portal A social network for the school communities
  • SPRING-ÍCARO A computational tool that allows you to manage the actions of a team of people around a geographic database over the Internet in a Web interface. Artigo
  • BaskHTML 2.5 A free HTML editor, great for beginners

Lectures and Presentations

  • LOGO:Language Programming for Children - Presentation at CEFET-SP 2005/jun

- project website (portuguese)

  • WikiPres: Pedagogical Elements of wikipress software - Presentation at IFSP 2011/oct video

Technical Skills

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WEB Servers
Data Modeling


Wikipress Portal
Wikipress - Pedagogical Elements - IFSP (2011)
Presentation at ETESP Heliópolis (2010)
Algorithms Course (2005)